Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 3, 2012 - Frostburg State University QDMA Branch Educational Event

Frostburg State University QDMA Branch hosted their first educational event March 3rd; The Hands-on Whitetail Deer Workshop Event was conducted in the Gunther building on campus and was open to the public. Guest Speaker was Brian Eyler Maryland’s Deer Project Leader,  Cheri Winter Maryland State Chapter QDMA Secretary and EW Grimes President/ Director Maryland State Chapter.
EW opened the event with a seminar What is QDM and MD QDMA Data Collecting in Maryland.
  Brian Eyler Seminar expanded how harvest data was collected and used by the State to made management decisions and history of Deer management in Maryland. Brian answered many question from students and public attendees.
Cheri, demonstrated her lessons learned from QDMA Deer Steward Classes and her 4 years of collecting fetus date for the State Chapter’s Maryland Fetus Study. ( pictured)
 EW explained the How and Why to Aged Whitetail Jawbones, Jesse Voigt (pictured) President of the FSU Branch Removing Jaw bone from a doe harvested from a QDM Managed Hunt.
The Hands-on Workshop was a huge success with Branch Members, Students, and others attending. FSU Branch and students are now looking into collecting data from road-killed deer from the western area of Maryland. FSU is not far from the CWD area in Maryland this data collecting would be helpful to Maryland’s Deer Project.

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